Board Members:
President: Rick Reickel
Vice President: Laura Moore
Secretary: Tammy Prime
Treasurer: Dianne Waterworth
At will/advisory: Varsity Football Coach, Tom Alward
Contact Info:  P.O. Box 343, Goodrich, MI 48438

Next meeting date:

The Next Football Booster's Meeting will be June 26th @ 7:00 pm in the H.S. Library.


Martian Socks - $15/pair

Boosters yearly Activities/Fund Raisers/Volunteering:
Annual Golf Outing
Touchdown Foundation - Pink Out - Red Out games
Monthly meetings - posted
Other fundraisers - tbd and will post
We welcome all volunteers who would like to be involved in supporting all your Goodrich football teams - a little or a lot. Every effort counts!

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